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When going on a trip where the driver stays in an accommodation with us, is it alright to allow the driver to choose the accommodations? In the case that it is left up to the driver, how much in accommodation charges should we give to the driver? Also, will the time be calculated as two days of on-duty hours?

The driver can search, but if there is no cheap accommodation nearby the place of accommodation the car can be used to look for a place. Client is expected to pay for the accommodation cost of the driver.
As for the time calculation, after arriving at the location the time of use ends at the release time only in the case where the driver is completely free. For example, if the usage ends at 8:00 PM, but at 11:00 PM you want to go out somewhere and use the driver to go and the driver has to drive again then 8:00 PM to 11:00 PM will be a case of "Extension of Usage."

Can you give us discount if we rent 4 days? And how can we calculate if we rent 8 days?

We cannot give discount. Calculation is daily rate times 4 days. In case of 8 days, rental fee is weekly rate and added 1 daily rate.

Basically, we send same driver during a week. However, driver may change without prior notice some day

In order to maintain good physical condition of driver, please keep the time at least 8 hours between end of duty day and pick-up time of next day. If driver cannot take a time more than 8 hours, we will change to another driver. Therefore, you need inform us, your schedule during office hour. Please. If you do not inform us, automatically the driver will pick you up on next day after 8 hours since finished duty of the driver.

In the case of monthly use, is it possible for the schedule to differ each day?

Sometimes changes are possible, but please avoid frequent time changes that could jeopardize the trip schedule of the following day.
To ensure that the assigned driver is in good health and proper condition in serving you, please allow at least 8 hours of rest between the drop-off time up to the pick-up time of the following trip day.
In addition, instructions may be given directly to the driver. There is no particular need to contact the company.

Does the rental car cost include the driver service fee? Is it necessary to give a separate tip?

It is included. It is company policy that our drivers are not allowed to request for a tip (including reluctance to give exact change or excuses of not having enough change), but we allow our drivers to accept tips given by customers out of generosity.

Are there drivers who can speak Japanese? Is English OK?

We do not have drivers who can speak Japanese. We do have Japanese-speaking guides at our company. Please use them as necessary. With regards to English-speaking drivers, majority of them are able to speak conversational English.

Don't the gas prices seem a bit high?

Only when calculating into the bill it is calculated at 7km/L. It is calculated based on the minimum standards. We kindly ask that you please refuel at gasoline stations whenever possible.

I want to X location by Y time. What time is best for pickup?

It depends upon the time frame, but as there is a high possibility of encountering traffic congestion in the Philippines, our company is unable to promise any specific time. Instead, we request that you ask the driver in advance for an approximate time and use that as a reference as that may be more useful.

What kind of insurance is received in the case of an accident?

The insurance compensation details for our vehicles are below. Vehicle Insurance: (Damage compensation for our vehicles) Handled by our company.
Driver Insurance: Handled by our company.
Passenger Insurance: (Staff and family) 100,000 Pesos
Passenger Liability Insurance: (Third parties other than family or staff) 100,000 Pesos
Third party liability: (Regarding the other vehicle, people or property) Handled by our company.

When I want to use points in paying for a rental car, who should I inform?

In using points, please inform the office not the driver. Please select "use points" when selecting for the payment method and choose the number of days when you will be using the points. Points are only credited to the basic fare only.

Do I have to sign for each location in the Trip ticket?

Yes. This is to avoid any misunderstandings or problems between both parties when it comes to calculating the odometer in computing for the fuel charges. Your signature will indicate that you have indeed made the trip with our driver.


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