When using a rental car, please make sure to read "Usage Procedures & Related Rules" If you have a problem or do not agree to any of the content, please make a request before using our vehicles. Requests are subject for approval.


  1. Our daily rental fee is inclusive of the car, driver and gasoline fee. The guest should pay for the parking and toll fees.
  2. The rates shall depend on the particular area of the pick-up location and itinerary. Red area is composed of the cities within Metro Manila. Blue Area contains selected municipalities outside Metro Manila. Kindly visit our website ryoaki-rentacar.com for more details. If the itinerary is a combination of both red and blue area, blue area rate shall apply. For out-of-town distant trips (Gray Area), our reservation staff can provide a quotation upon request. Kindly inform us beforehand specific location for proper computation. In case that you intend to change your area on the actual trip, kindly inform the office directly.
    * Payments could be done via Bank to Bank (PHP & JPY), Credit Card and PayPal.
  3. Our driver will provide his calling card when you get inside the vehicle. This can be used to call/SMS our driver at the parking lot so he can fetch you at the exact location where you want to be fetched.
  4. Reservations should be done at least 1 working day before the trip. We shall accommodate your reservation until 11:00AM before your scheduled trip. (JPN TIME: 12:00NN) If you have not completed to give us the details before 5PM, we will cancel the reservation and you are requested to pay the cancellation fee. *We are closed on Sundays and holidays.
  5. We do implement an advanced payment policy. We shall bill the charges and request the payment 3 days before the trip (we are closed on Sundays and holidays).
    Payment can be made Bank to Bank (to Japanese or Philippines banks), check, credit card (excluding American Express and JCB) or Paypal.
    Should the client fails to meet the payment deadline, we will send the final reminder. If we have not received a reply until 1 working day before the trip{until 17:00(JPN TIME: 18:00) we will cancel the reservation and you are requested to pay the cancellation fee.
  6. Cancellations made within 48 hours shall be charged of 50% of the rental rate. If made within 24 hours, 100% cancellation fee shall be charged.
    a. In case a reservation was made on a consecutive manner, a cancellation fee will be charged regardless of the date that the client intends to cancel. e.g. For a six-day reservation, commencing on 8 am of January 5 and ending on January 10, if we received a cancellation 9 am of January 3, we will charge you of the 50% cancellation regardless if the date that you want to cancel is January 8, 2015. b. For cancellations caused by fortuitous events such as flood, typhoon or earthquake:
    i. With Cancellation Fee
    ・ The disaster was not officially announced by the government;
    ・ If the flight arrival was not officially cancelled by the airline.
    ii. Without Cancellation Fee
    ・ The disaster was announced by the government;
    ・ If the flight arrival was officially cancelled;
    ・ If the area of pick-up is already inaccessible (might cause damage to the car and danger to the driver).
  7. Additional charges such as overtime fee; overnight fee and accommodation fee must be paid in cash on the actual day of the trip.
  8. Upon pick-up, our driver will inform you of his arrival 15-30 minutes before the reservation time. He will send an SMS message to confirm his arrival and location. Should you wish to be picked up at the hotel; the driver will park at the parking area and reach you via the front desk of the hotel. Please pay the parking fee.
  9. When the vehicle is on stand-by:
    a. Basically, paid parking lots will be used while waiting for shopping and dining.
    b. We are not allowed to park or wait on the streets or sidewalk.
    c. In case if there's no parking slot available, the vehicle will either use a parking space at a distance or wait around driving.
    d. Please be advised that some parking lots don't have receipts so there may be times that the driver can't provide parking receipts.
  10. Failure to use our vehicle within 15 minutes from your pick-up time without prior information shall lead to the cancellation of the reservation. Should you wish to be picked up at the airport; we can wait until 1.5 hours from your reserved pick-up time. Kindly inform our office of any changes in your flight details prior to your departure.
  11. For Distant Travels
    For out-of-town trips located at the gray area, we shall provide the gasoline quotation and advise you if overnight staying is required. **For overnight trips, we shall charge you of the PHP800 overnight fee and accommodation cost of PHP2,000. However, should you be able to provide the driver the accommodation, we will not charge you of the latter.
  12. Route to Destination
    a. Routes to the destination is upon the driver's decision. It is not guaranteed that it may be the shortest driving path/time. If the guest has desired routes, please inform in advance upon booking. Information about landmarks will also be appreciated.
    b. Trip to destinations may not be smooth in the suburb areas. Hotels or facilities may not be also familiar or well-known.
    c. We shall not make any deductions in case of unintended mistakes such as error in the entrance/exit or highway gates which would cause you extra time or charges.
    d. We can't assure the arrival at the desired time due to traffic congestion or some other causes. Please have ample time in setting the pick-up time if you have a schedule to follow.
  13. Service Hours for a whole day service is for 10 hours. Garage to Garage Rule: Garage to garage rule is a policy on which the travel time to the pick-up location shall be included in the basic hours. Herewith are the areas which are exempted:
    If PICK-UP/ DROP-OFF is only within: Makati City, Taguig City, Pasay City, Manila (Up to Manila City Hall only), Mandaluyong City, Las Pinas City, Pateros, Paranaque City, Alabang. (For all other areas not mentioned, the Garage to Garage Rule shall apply)
    e.g. If we are to pick you up at 8 am and it would take 2 hours to reach your destination (ex. Tagaytay); then, the basic hours will start at 6 am (the time the car left the garage)
  14. Even if the client only availed a one-way reservation to areas not mentioned above, we will be charging for a two-way trip. For more than one day reservation, the same driver will be assigned. However, in case the time interval between services is less than 8 hours, please notify the office the day before the next trip day. We may assign a replacement driver upon availability. If in case there's no replacement driver available, the same driver will still service the client given that an 8-hour break is strictly observed. We prioritize our drivers' proper driving condition.
  15. We strictly prohibit our drivers from asking tip from customers. This may include cases where the driver may refuse to return the change to you. In this case, kindly report to our office and we shall refund you in a couple of days.
  16. We are strictly implementing a "NO SMOKING" policy on all our vehicles both to the guest and our driver.
  17. Should you want to request for an extension, please directly communicate with the office. 02-452-4091 / 0908-621-1544(Smart) / 0927-268-4029(Globe)
  18. Before getting off the vehicle, please make sure that personal belongings are not left inside the vehicle. The guest is requested to sign the trip documents as confirmation of the service. Complaints will not be entertained after the signature has been indicated.
  19. Please be noted that the company may terminate the service in case of any violation against the provided rules. Please be reminded that the service fee will not be refunded.
  20. Charges and rules may change without prior notice.

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