Please read guidelines before use

  1. The usage time per unit is one month. If an extension is desired, the contract will automatically be updated for the succeeding month. If you wish to terminate our services, please contact us via the inquiry form at least 10 business days prior to the last day of use or else you will be charged for the next month.
  2. One month rental of the vehicle will be paid on the first day of use. Expenses incurred for the company (e.g. overtime pay, accommodation expenses for the driver, etc.) can be paid either daily or on one-time payment at the end of the usage period. Payments can be made in cash, bank transfer (to Japanese or Philippine banks), check or credit card (excluding American Express). *Credit cards must be paid at the RAK office.
    Other expenses such as refueling cost, expressway toll fees, facility or parking fees, should be paid as they occur.
  3. The allowable usage time of the vehicle is 10 hours within a 24-hour period. An extension fee is charged for every hour in excess of use.
  4. Please provide a waiting location for the driver and the vehicle if there will be a long wait.
    * The vehicle cannot be parked on the road or left in a parking area without an attendant.
    * In order to avoid any impediment to their driving job, please provide the driver with an appropriate place indoors to wait.
  5. Please do not allow anyone other than the assigned RAK driver to drive the vehicle. If any damage occurs to the vehicle, please have it returned to the office after one day of use in order to clarify responsibility of the damage.
  6. The customer should refuel the car for daily gasoline consumption.
  7. The vehicle color coding day (the day when the car is not allowed to be used according to MMDA policy) is considered to be a day off.
  8. The same driver will be assigned for the one month period, but the company may change the driver depending on the circumstance. The client will be notified of such changes. The client also has the discretion to request a change in driver if the client feels unsatisfied by the assigned driver's performance and services. Please notify us immediately and we will be glad to assign a new driver as quickly as we can.
  9. To ensure that the assigned driver is in good health and proper condition in serving you, please allow at least 8 hours of rest, between the drop-off time up to the pick-up time the following trip day. However, in case the time interval between services is less than 8 hours, please notify the office the day before the next trip day. We may assign a replacement driver upon availability. If in case there's no replacement driver available, the same driver will still service the client given that an 8-hour break is strictly observed. If you there are no available replacement driver or you are unable to inform us beforehand, the pickup time the next day will automatically be adjusted to allow for an 8-hour break.
  10. In cases that the driver is required to have an entrance card/pass to have access to the establishments that you will be in, please notify the RAK office before handing it to the driver.
  11. Please refrain from giving the assigned driver duties other than driving. (e.g. errands, retrieving luggage from a storage area, shopping on foot, etc.)
  12. Please make sure that no personal items especially valuables are left inside the vehicle after drop-off. The driver nor the company is not held liable for any loss.
  13. Rates and policies may change without prior notice.

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