Please read guidelines before use.

  1. The usage period per unit is 7 days.
  2. One week of the basic cost will be paid on the first day of use. The payment to our company (overtime costs, accommodation fee costs) can be paid daily or in one lump sum on the last day of use. Payments made to other companies (gasoline refueling fees, expressway toll costs, facility or parking garage usage fees, accommodation fees) should be paid by the customer as they occur.
  3. The basic time of usage is 10 hours within a 24-hour period. An extension fee is required for over 10 hours of usage.
  4. The set time frame can be changed the day prior. An extension fee is required for use over 10 hours. For locations outside of Manila, the roundtrip travel time from Manila and back will be added to the time of use. In the case of payment made in one lump sum after the last day of use, please pay within 5 days of the last day of use. The payment can be made in cash, bank transfer (for Japanese or Philippine banks), check, or credit card (not including American Express). *Credit card payments will be made at our company.
  5. Please provide a waiting location if you require a long wait.
  6. Please do not allow anyone other than the drivers from our company to drive. If any damage occurs, the vehicle will be taken to our company after one day of use to clarify responsibility.
  7. Gasoline should be refueled by the customer for daily gasoline use.
  8. Vehicle color coding day is the day that the car cannot be used as per Metro Manila traffic laws based on the last character of the license plate. We may provide a different vehicle particularly VIOS for an additional fee, should you wish to continue with your trip on the coding day. As the vehicle is given out with a full tank, please return it with a full tank as well.
  9. The same driver will generally be assigned for the entire week but may change depending on the circumstances at our company.
  10. We prioritize our drivers' proper driving condition. Please alot an 8-hour interval from the drop-off time up to the pick-up time the following day. In case the time interval between services is less than 8 hours, please notify the office the day before the next trip day. We may assign a replacement driver upon availability. If in case there's no replacement driver available, the same driver will still service the client given that an 8-hour break is strictly observed. If you there are no available replacement driver or you are unable to inform us beforehand, the pickup time the next day will automatically be adjusted to allow for an 8-hour break.
  11. Please take all due care and avoid forgetting anything in the vehicle. Please be aware that in the rare case anything is lost inside the vehicle, our company will not be held liable and responsible.

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